Update March 2021

A year on from the initial lockdown and with the continuing drop in COVID cases and scheduled relaxation of Government regulations, @home IT are planning to return to normal office operations from the 12th April 2021.

From this date, our Staff will largely return to office-based working, whilst remaining vigilant, practising social distancing and regular staff testing.  We will continue to restrict site visits to our clients to emergency calls for the time being, where no other option is technically feasible. For other issues, we would prefer customers to drop off and collect equipment.

On the basis the situation continues to improve, we aim to start offering home visits from the 17th May, following all guidance as advised by the Government on social distancing and COVID precautions such as face coverings.

The safety of our staff and clients remains our priority at all times and, although we wish to return to as normal an operation as we can as quickly as possible, we will continue to be guided by, and adhere to, Government advice.

We have remained open throughout the pandemic, assisting our clients via remote and telephone support plus secure pickup and collection of equipment.  We also supply a wide range of IT equipment, from PC’s and laptops to headsets, webcams and other peripherals. Should you have any queries or an immediate IT need, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01628 819515 or help@athomeit.co.uk

Finally, we wish you all well. Keep Safe.