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Don’t buy more than you bargained for

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

When ordering items online make sure you don’t end up subscribing to a service that you don’t need – or don’t even know about!

Make sure you read the small print on each page of the checkout process and double check anything that has a check box next to it.  These often relate to how the company can use your data – for it’s own marketing purposes, to keep you informed of updates or maybe to ‘share’ your data with selected 3rd parties – i.e. sell it on.

We have had reports lately of people finding strange charges on their credit card bills.  These turn out to be for subscriptions they have unwittingly subscribed to by not unticking a box whilst buying something online.  Often the websites and items they have bought are completely unrelated.

So, when buying online, keep safe by reading the small print and checking what those ticks mean, and remember to regularly check your credit card statements for unusual charges.