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Organise your Files and Folders

Monday, August 4th, 2014

FilingYour PC or Laptop is just like a big filing cabinet and, like your filing, if you’re not organised about where you store things it makes it harder to retrieve documents. In addition, if you don’t know where your data is on your hard drive it makes it harder to transfer everything to a new PC or laptop and also make sure your important files are being backed up.

So where do you start? Here are a few hints and tips to help you get going.

Use My Documents

Each User that has been set up on your PC or Laptop will have its own profile. Within this profile a number of default folders are set up for you, which make it easy to file your Documents, Photos, Videos and Music. It’s a good idea to use these folders as a starting point as they will often be used as a default location for applications to save their files to, like iTunes or your Camera.

Create your folder structure

My DocumentsUnder these Top level folders, you can create sub folders to make it easier to find individual items.

To create a New Folder, open up the top level folder and then either select New Folder from the menu bar at the top or right-click and select New >> Folder. Give your Folder a relevant name.

You can then save items in to your new folder.


Libraries are not folders in their own right but offers an easy way to access your most used folders.

File iconYour default My Documents, Photos, Videos and Music folders are included but you can add any other folders in too by right-clicking and selecting Add to Library.

This can be useful if you also want to use cloud-based storage such as DropBox or OneDrive, as these can be added in to your libraries too.

Moving your Files

If you want to move files and folders then there are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to select the files or folders you wish to move (use the Shift key to select multiple items) and then copy them (press Ctrl+C or right-click >>Copy); navigate to the new location and Paste (Ctrl+P or right-click > Paste). This will duplicate your items to the new location so you will need to go back and delete the originals when you are sure they have copied.

You can also select your items and use the mouse or touchpad to drag and drop items between folders. This will move items and you need to be sure of where you have ‘dropped’ them as it is easy to move items into a different folder to that intended!