Transferring Photos from your camera or phone to your PC

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cameraThese days it is rare to find anyone with a traditional film camera. Everything has gone digital and, although this offers a cheap and easy way to take and produce photographs, most people don’t want to just have their images stored on the camera or phone they were taken with.

So, how do you transfer your photos onto another device and what can you do with them?

There are generally two methods of getting your images from the device they were taken on to a PC or laptop.

  1. Remove the memory card and insert it into a compatible card reader on the PC or laptop
  2. Connect the phone or camera via a compatible cable (normally USB) or via wireless or Bluetooth

Whichever method you use, the process is similar.

When you plug in your camera or phone or insert the HD card, your PC or laptop will detect the new device and attempt to install the relevant drivers. It will usually do this itself but sometimes you may need to insert the CD that came with your device or download a file from the manufacturer’s website.

The device should then appear within Windows File Explorer like an additional hard drive. Double click on it to navigate through to the location of your photographs. You can then select the images and copy and paste or move these images by dragging and dropping.

PhotosDepending on your Operating System, when the camera or card is detected you may get a box pop up asking if you wish to transfer the images to your Pictures folder and if you want to do this every time the device is connected to your PC or laptop.

Once your Photos are on your PC or laptop you can select to have one as your desktop (right click and select Set as desktop background), select a whole folder to give rotating background images (right click on the desktop, choose Personalize >> Desktop Background and set as applicable) or play them as a slideshow (Open the folder in Windows Explorer and select Slide Show from the menu at the top).

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