What’s new in the latest iPhone?

As autumn comes a new series of iPhone come out. This year we’re looking at iPhone 11 and 11 Pro or even 11 Pro Max. All those new designs and features, but what are the actual differences between the newest models and iPhone X? Continue on further to find out! Let’s focus on the ‘basic’ models, shall we?

First differenace that could be quite significant to some IPhone fans is the much bigger range of colours to pick from. Iphone X was offered with only two different colours and the latest model is available in 6 different and very vibrant colours!

The latest model also comes on a bigger 6.1” Liquid Retina HD display as opposed to 5.8” Super Retina HD Display. Super retina is a term that Apple gave to OLED display in iPhone. This type of screen gives deeper and inkier black and much higher contrasts. How is it possible? Each pixel in the screen emits its own light, which means black parts of the screen don’t need to be turned on (very good for saving power). LCD requires an overall backlight, so even when filling the screen with a solid black image there will still be light visible from the phone. Looking at the models from display quality, the iPhone X might be a better product to choose than the newest 11.

The phones bodies are also made from different materials. iPhone X is made of glass and stainless steel which proves to be much stronger than the aluminium, which iPhone 11 is made of.

Biggest change to the camera is Apple introducing a night mode. It is turning on 

automatically in low light and gives the pictures more natural colours and brightness without the need of using flash. Talking of pictures, the front camera allows now to take slow-motion videos, which apple has called slofie. iPhone 11 also has a wide spread and ultra wide spread cameras that allow you take pictures which cover more space.  The newest models have also become more water resistant; they can last up to 30 minutes to a depth of 2 meters. Compering that to 30 min at 1 metre depth is a bit of a difference.

And one last point is the difference in pricing. The latest model with highest capacity is priced at £879.00. This a massive difference to a £1,349 for iPhone X on it’s launch date with highest capacity.

What are your thoughts on the latest models from iPhone? Which one would you choose? 

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